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About psychotherapy with me


Is therapy for me?

People find therapy helpful for a number of problems, including depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties, abuse and trauma. Or, they find it valuable with their professional and personal development. Sometimes, people come to therapy not knowing what has brought them. They just feel that they are unfulfilled, unhappy or like they can’t cope, for example. This is something we can work with. We can talk through your needs when we meet.

People find therapy beneficial for a number of reasons, including healing past hurts, raising awareness, changing relationship patterns and building hope for the future.

My model integrates a number of recognised and researched theories that see our adult selves as formed through our childhood experiences and traumatic events later in life.

I am an experienced practitioner; trained in EMDR and dissociation, with considerable experience in helping people with complex trauma symptoms, including those that manifest in the body, such as physical health complaints.

My clients have a variety of outcomes they measure success by. I often think of a successful therapy as one in which our relationships with ourselves is improved.

It can be stressful attending therapy. After all, we may be sharing thoughts and feelings we have hidden from others. For therapy to be successful, we sometimes confront feelings and thoughts we find difficult to recognise. I will support you by offering a safe, calm, contained space and supportive presence to do this.

There are no guarantees we will feel 100% better. Nor a magic cure for our emotional problems. However, if we contract to work together I will commit to supporting and challenging you on your journey. We will also review the work regularly.


Clinical Supervision with Me

I trained at The Sherwood Psychotherapy Institute (Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision).

My integrative approach to psychotherapy shapes my supervision practice. I see a good working alliance as integral to the success of supervision, along with a collaborative approach tailored to the needs of supervisees. I have a wealth of experience in people coaching and development; being passionate about supporting practitioners to have enjoyable, ethical and successful experiences working as psychotherapists and counsellors. My integrative model includes trauma theory, psychodynamic, attachment and object relations theory.